Friday, January 6, 2012

Project Completed - Knooked Scarf

It's been a red letter day for me today...craft-wise. I finished The Slouch and then...I finished the scarf I was knooking for one of my sons. I had to do about 35 more rows on it, but that was it. And I decided not to add fringe. I didn't think my son would like it if it was on there. So, it's just a basic scarf. But nice and warm.
In the end, it took less than a regular skein of Red Heart yarn. The color is Windsor Blue. I used an I knook hook. (sounds funny, doesn't it? Do you know what I like about knooking with Red Heart yarn? Well, it turns out much softer than if I had crocheted it. Amazing, right? I thought so too. Anyway, I love this little scarf and I have put it with the other gift I have already made for a Christmas present for Christmas 2012. I'm glad to be getting a head start already on my gift making. :) I just hope I can keep the momentum up.


  1. yup, softer than your crochet, i'm betting it's cuz it is using less yarn per stitch in your case. not sure, but i'm thinking that's it. i crochet loose, so there is a lot of nice drape, but even then, my knit is softer, cuz i'm using a larger than recommended needle {which would really be about the same hook size}~~but the actual stitch in crochet and knit is different than the other. i may have commented on this before i think, in one of your other knooking posts....either way, glad that you had a good experience and hope you are enjoying it!

  2. hey debra...thanks so much for the comment about my knooked scarf. your explanation as to why the scarf is turning out softer than when it's crocheted kinda makes sense. it's good to have a different perspective on things and i can always count on you to give me great insight. :)