Monday, November 28, 2011

Star Afghans

Introducing...two "Beth's Little Star Afghans"...future Christmas presents for two of my wonderful nephews. The free pattern for this afghan can be found here . I did my afghans a bit different in that I held two strands of worsted weight (Red Heart) yarn together and used a P hook to crochet them. Otherwise, I followed the pattern exactly.

The colors in this afghan are Spring Green, Pumpkin, and Paddy Green, held together with a strand of White yarn. I finished this one up this evening.

The colors in this afghan are Royal, Light Blue and Soft Navy, held together with a strand of White yarn. I finished this one up last night.
I did 21 rows total for the size of the afghan. Basically, it will be the size of a throw. I figure they will put them on top of their twin beds or use them when they are on the couch. You never know with these two. They may keep them in the truck too, for warmth when traveling. That's what they did with the throws I made them last year for Christmas.


  1. thanks debra! i like the way they turned out too!

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