Saturday, November 26, 2011

Star Afghan

I decided that I need to make two of my nephews a funky throw for when they are watching TV all snuggled up on the couch. So...with that in mind, I chose to make this. Beth's Little Star Afghan. Here's the link to the free pattern . I am doing it a bit differently though, in that I am using two skeins of yarn held together and a P hook. Otherwise, I'm following the pattern exactly. This afghan will be for Dub. He's 9 years old. And his favorite colors are shown above. Green and Orange. So far, I've used the colors Spring Green and Pumpkin held together with a strand of white. I've stopped at this point, because I think I need to buy another skein of pumpkin. I'd like the orange bit to be a bit larger than it is now. I'll check at the dimestore here in town tomorrow and if they have a skein of it, then I can continue on. If not, it will be sitting in a baggie until I can get to Wal-Mart. After the orange bit, I will add some Paddy Green to the afghan. I'm using Red Heart WW yarn for this project.
Tomorrow, I will start the afghan for Dub's brother...Mickey. His will be in various shades of blue held together with a strand of white. At this point, I have the colors Royal Blue, Light Blue and Soft Navy. The only color that I have "just less than a skein of" is the Royal Blue, so I will use it for the middle section or start of the afghan.
Well, it's 2:44 am and I should be off to bed. All of the company that arrived this evening is bedded down (as is most of my own family unit) so I can safely retire now. Even though I took a small nap this afternoon, I'm feeling the effects of being up so late. So...I'll see you all tomorrow sometime. Good night! Or Good Early Morning to ya!