Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Last of the Nana Squares

Yesterday I finished crocheting up the last of the Nana Squares for the Afghan.
I added these squares to the pile:
9 Soft Navy
8 Coffee
8 Amethyst
5 Turqua
4 Light Raspberry
4 Light Sage
5 Medium Purple
6 Soft White
5 Light Blue
3 Paddy Green
5 White

These are the last 110 squares to be added to the afghan.
I laid the afghan out on the carpet in the living room and with Small T's help, started putting the squares out in rows so I could get their placement down.
Then, I started sewing them together. This was quite a chore. Honestly. In fact, I stayed up until 3:30 am this morning working on it. I'm dedicated, aren't I? Actually, I have to admit that I'm just tired of adding squares. So I couldn't wait to get the strips put together and sewn to the existing blanket. I didn't get it finished up last night though. After putting one of the strips on upside down, I ripped it back out and started adding it again and then went to bed.

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