Thursday, November 17, 2011

Nana Square Throw - Update

My mom has been in the hospital since Monday morning. (She was in the ER on Sunday all day too.) To keep busy while I take my turns sitting with her, I've been catching up on my crochet. Originally, I had 110 squares sewn together for this throw. Since it's going to be my husband's Christmas present, and he's a tall guy, I decided to add another 110 squares. I already had 78 of those extra squares done and finished up the 32 squares yesterday. Then I sat down and sewed all of these 110 squares together into strips of 10. Then added those to the throw. This took me a long time to do yesterday. Then about midnight last night, I started to add the edging. But now, I'm thinking..."it's not wide enough". I'm not sure how many rows I'm going to need to add to the width of the throw, but there are 22 squares in each vertical row, so I will need to get to working on more squares now. If I add 5 more rows, that's another 110 squares. *sigh* I wonder if I will ever get this throw/blanket done. So...after I take Small T to school this morning, I'm going to rip the edging off and go from there.
**edited to add- I think the only reason I keep working on this throw is because Big Daddy just loves how it looks. He thinks it looks like a quilt.**


  1. awesome, about the throw {quilt~ghan}; not so awesome about yerma

  2. thanks debra! i have to admit that the afghan really looks like a quilt in this photo. i'm not giving up on it. i've got the other 110 squares started and i only need 62 more of them now. i always think "i'm never going to get these made" and then i have them before i know it. so...hopefully, it will be done soon.