Friday, November 4, 2011

Halloween 2011

My first group of trick or treaters on Halloween 2011 were my sister (above)

and three of her kids. From the left "A Fruitcake", "A toliet bowl", and "Stinky Winky". All three kids won first place in their class and the toliet bowl kid won best overall costume at school. The costumes were much more extensive than shown in the photo, but not realistic for trick or treating. So they had to pare down the costumes.
Halloween at our house started off great. I had 12 bags of candy waiting to be distributed. Things were going smoothly and then we get a call from Small T. She's allergic to peanut butter and in her haste to have a chocolate eyeball, she didn't check the wrapper. The eyeball was filled with peanut butter. She washed her mouth out (yep, with dish soap...I still can't believe this), then her friend gave her Bendryl before they called us. Her throat was tingly and she was having some trouble with her throat feeling like she had a knot in it by the time she walked the block home. So...she started getting upset. And ended up having a full blown panic attack. I called 911 and the first responders came, plus the town cop, then the ambulance. I had a lot of drive by traffic to see what the ruckus was, and a yard full of teenagers waiting to see if Small T was ok, and in the end...she was. She required more Benadryl and a good calming down by the paramedic plus a bit of oxygen. After all the emergency vehicles left...I'm sad to say...we had no more trick or treaters. I guess the cops ran them off. LOL So that was our Halloween this year.

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