Saturday, November 5, 2011

Mags the Owl

Meet Mags the Owl.

She's a bit "frazzled" today.
No morning coffee yet. Whoops. Morning mice.
She's going to be a Christmas present this year.
I'm currently working on her "friend" or "partner".
Photo coming soon.'s the pattern I used but I held two skeins of yarn together (Pumpkin and Coffee) and used an I hook. I had some safety eyes on hand and I crocheted up the white parts of the eye with Off White yarn. All three colors are from Red Heart worsted weight. I used a portion of a $1 bag of dragon's tears in the base of the owl and stuffed her with fiberfill after that.
Small T has fallen in love with might have to hide her. LOL


  1. Shelly i am trying to make this owl but it looks as if my circle is coming out smaller than should be. I am using the same yarn and hook but iit seems rather tight and the diameter if my circle is only about 5 inches. It may be right and just look wronf as i have just made an owl from another pattern and it is much bigger thai expected. I am hoping to make this as a kind of door stop with some large pebbles in the bottom beforethe stuffing. Did you just make up your pattern for the eyes?

  2. I held two strands of yarn together while I was crocheting the owl. It is pretty small. I weighted the bottom down, but you could weight the whole owl and it would work as a door stop. If you want the owl bigger, just keep doing a few extra rows of increase for the bottom, before you start doing the rows of dc in each stitch around. Yes, I made up the pattern for the eyes. It's basically 6 sc in a magic ring, then the next row is 2 sc in each sc around. If you have any more questions, I am happy to help as best as I can. Have fun and good luck!