Saturday, January 26, 2013

Stash Buster Challenge - Project #3

One of the projects on my list of things to make is a baby blanket for the daughter of a friend.  This friend is always helping my family out, in one way or another.  This baby is set to arrive around the end of April and is the first grandchild.  The grandma has been working away on a lovely quilt that is embroidered and hand stitched.  I'm totally in awe of it.  She does not know that I am making a baby blanket for the new baby and I hope she is truly surprised when I give it to her.
 The new baby is supposed to be a boy.  I went through one of the cabinets downstairs to find my stash of baby yarn.  I came up with some Bernat Baby Sport in White and Blue.  I think I'll have more than enough between the two colors to make a decent sized blanket.
(I started the blanket tonight and I have this much done so far.)
I decided to do a Ripple pattern for the blanket.  I love Lucy's pattern on Attic 24 and I've made several blankets with it.  If you are interested in looking at the pattern, just click here .  She has a great tutorial.


  1. It's going to be lovely Shelly, you are doing great with the stash busting, thanks for turning word verification off. :)

  2. OOh that looks a lovely colour real river of ripples!

  3. I love the ripple blanket too! and combining both colors will look great

  4. Thanks Linda, Ali & Ana BC. I'm glad you like the ripple. It's fast become one of my favorite blankets to make. And I'm LOVING the stash busting challenge! It's really inspiring me.