Saturday, January 26, 2013

Grocery Challenge - Week 4

Week 4:  Jan. 22nd thru Jan. 28th

Since I went over budget last week, I only had a small amount for this week's grocery shopping.  I am doing really well with my freezer and pantry getting stocked back up, so I didn't need anything other than a few basics this week.

I went to the store today and here's what I bought:

1/2 Gallon 1% milk  $2.19
2 dozen eggs at $1.38 each
Cottage Cheese  $3.49
2 loaves of whole wheat bread $1.59 each
2 boxes of generic pop tarts $1.00 each
2 (2 liters) of soda $1.50 each
5# bag of Yukon Gold potatoes $1.99
1 bag of chips $1.77

Total with tax $19.63
I bought the chips and soda as the kids already have company today.  

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