Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Ribbed Crochet Headbands

Over the weekend, I had very little time for crocheting.
However, I did manage to crochet rose embellishments for 4 of the ribbed crochet headbands.
 For the roses, I chained 40.  Then, sc in the 2nd ch from hook.  Ch 2, sk 1 st, sc in next st, all the way to the end.  Then, *ch 3, in the ch 2 sp work (5 tc, sl st), repeat from * all the way across.  At the end, leave a really long tail of yarn for sewing the rose together and then sewing it to the headband.  When you put the rose together, just start with one end and keep curling it around until you like the way it looks.
This is my box of headbands that I've crocheted. 
There are 12 plain and 4 embellished.
The pattern I used for the headbands can be found here.

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