Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Stars and Snowflakes - Stash Buster Project #5

We were on the road a lot today with doctor appointments for Big Daddy and Small T, so I needed a portable crochet project for the ride as well as the office sitting.
I have been wanting to make some stars and snowflakes, so I took that pattern with me.
I made 6 little white "stars".
 3 little bright yellow stars.
 3 bright yellow snowflakes.
 And 9 white snowflakes.
 Then, when I got home, I brought out the spray starch and my little piece of foam and starting blocking them out.  It will take awhile as I can only fit 1 snowflake and 1 star on the block.  And of course, I starting mentioning to Big Daddy about buying me a bigger piece of foam at the lumber yard.  If I say it often enough over the next couple of days, he'll be home with a really big piece before I know it.  :)  He's like that.
I hope to do these in a few different colors.  I have a big, traditional Christmas tree as well as a small white tree and they would look nice on both of them.
I'm using these little stars and snowflakes as my Stash Buster Project - #5.  Both the white yarn and the bright yellow yarn were from my yarn stash.  I'm not going to label this project as finished though as I plan to make some more of these in the future.  I have to say that I am really enjoying this challenge.  It's inspiring me to make some things off my ever-growing "want to make" list as well as using up what yarn I already have on hand.  I'm so glad I saw this challenge and signed up.


  1. Yes, motifs are great as portable projects...and the star collection looks so cute too!
    If you have a yoga mat, by any chance, that also works great as a surface to block crochet things.

  2. Ana BC, thanks for the suggestion of using a yoga mat for blocking. I think I have a sleep mat from when the kids were in kindergarten out in the garage. It would be perfect.
    Thanks for the kind comments on the star collection. We are on the road a lot so I'm always looking for projects that I can take along with me.