Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year's Resolutions

Every year, I try to make resolutions.  I never keep them.  So this year, I'm making "changes".  I think that if I try to make a change with something I am doing or not doing, then maybe I will actually get it done.
Here are a couple of "changes" I am going to work on:
1.  Changing my grocery spending.  I am putting a grocery challenge on my blog.  By doing this in a public manner, I'm making myself be accountable for my grocery budget.  With needing to eat a healthier diet now, my husband's heart attack is changing my cooking habits.  So this will be a challenging change for all of us.
2.  My pantry.  The dreaded mess.  I will change my method for storing foods and make sure I use what I buy.  I will also set aside some money each week for restocking the pantry with the best deals on items we use.  Last night, I cleaned out my pantry, refrigerators and freezers.  I wrote down what I have left after throwing away all outdated foods.  That way I won't end up buying things we don't need.
3.  I will cook more foods from scratch.  I will use less convenience items.

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