Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Grocery Challenge - Week 2

Week 2:  Jan. 8th thru Jan. 14th

The new week has started and with that, the new sale ad at the grocery store.  With our store being a small, local one, if you don't go on the first day of the sale, you miss out on all the items.  I went this morning and I pretty much blew my budget.  I had added everything up ahead of time, but somehow, with the coupons, it was still more money than I expected.  Anyway, here's what I bought:

2 pkgs cinnamon rolls at 2 for $4
cottage cheese $1.77
5 pkgs frozen vegetables at $1.59 each
6 (2 liter) cola at 67 cents each (this weekend we'll have a bunch of teens here)
3 apple juice at $1.37 each
2 boxes of minute rice at $1.50 each
1 big can of tomato sauce at 99 cents (the last one they had)
4 (2 liter) diet mt. dew at $1.19 each (I HAVE to have this or heads will roll)
boneless pork chops (8 in the pack) for $7.26
butterfly pork chops (6 in the pack) for $4.60
pork sirloin chops (10 in the pack) for $4.80
pork sirloin chops (10 in the pack) for $4.82
2 (3 lb.) bags of boneless, skinless chicken breasts at $4.88 each
8+ lb. whole boneless pork loin for $13.44
5 lb. bag of golden potatoes at $2.50

I had coupons:
50 cents off one frozen vegetable
$1.00 off each package of pork for a total of $5.00 off

Total cost (with tax) $73.01

I'm still under budget, but if I need bread and milk later in the week, which I'm sure I will, I will be blowing the $75 budget.  *sigh*  I may have to rethink my weekly budget if this continues.

Edited to add....
I needed a package of hot dog buns for Wed.'s dinner, so I need to add $1.45 to my accounting.  My total is now $74.46 for the week.

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