Thursday, January 10, 2013

Building Your Wardrobe

As you all know, I have one daughter....Small T.  She's 15 going on 16 and in the 10th grade.  She is involved in a lot of activities and groups and such and with that, she travels a lot.  She also attends a variety of functions, dinners, and meetings.  This means her wardrobe needs to expand.  We've been working on this for a year or so and I've finally gotten her to where she is no longer looking for all the "trendy" clothes and has started adding some basics to her wardrobe.  Whenever I find things like this....
I try to forward them to her, so she has an idea of what I'm talking about.  So far, she has added the following items:
The timeless black pump (She would never consider these because they looked like something an old lady would wear.  But, she had to have a pair for her FFA dress outfit that they wear all year long and she finally tried some on.  She found them to be extremely comfortable and now wears them whenever she can.  She's able to walk for several city blocks in them and wear them all day and they don't hurt her feet.)
Black Dress Pants & Khaki Dress Pants (She wears these often.  I bought her well made pants and had them altered to fit her body last year.)
Black Leggings
Black Binkini
White cotton oxford shirt
White and Black tanks 
White and Black Camisoles
White and Black basic t-shirts
Black Pea Coat (wool)
Black Pencil Skirt (altered to fit her body)
Gray Heather Cardigan
Black Cardigan
Diamond Studs, Pearl Studs and Necklace, Silver and Gold Chains, Silver and Gold Studs (When Big Daddy and I buy her jewelry, we make sure she gets timeless pieces and all of her jewelry is the real stuff.)
Scarves and belts  (She is working on a building a collection of these to expand her wardrobe.)
2 pairs of well fitting jeans (She has a few more pairs but these two pairs are as if they were made for her body.)

We are supposed to be going shopping this weekend as she needs a Little Black Dress for an upcoming event.  We are also looking for a Classic Black Blazer.  Both of these will need alterations as it's impossible to find something that fits her body due to her size.
This post is my way of asking other mom's if they are doing the same thing with their teen girls.  If not, is it something you have considered?

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