Friday, January 11, 2013

Groovy Ghan - Explanation

This post is for Janet.
I took a photo this morning of the right side of the ghan.  This shows how I am keeping the DC's going.
Once I have worked 11 dc on the right side (11 rows), then on the 12th row, I count over (to the right) 10 stitches from the first dc.  This should put my beginning dc in the 2nd st of the 12th row.
If you look at the can count the dc's and see 11 (going up...beginning with the lavender dc).  Then, the teal green is the row where I start my next dc segment in the 2nd st from the right.
Does this make sense?  I hope it answers your question.

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  1. Oh yeah, it makes sense to me, am passed this aready. I hate to rip it out. I have 22 rows done already. I am liking this, and the colors seem to work out for me too. This pattern is part of the Navaho pattern afghan I make.