Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A Different Type of Scarf

Today, I was browsing a blog that is new to me.  It can be found here .  It's called Lanas de Ana.  I saw this lovely scarf she knitted on there and it inspired me to crochet one of my own.
 This is the finished scarf.
I really like it.
I like the way it lays around my neck.
It has to be the shape of the scarf.  Honestly.
 Here's the scarf laid out on the floor.
See the shape?
This is the center section.
You can get a better idea of the shape in this photo.
If anyone wants to do one for themselves, the other blog gives you a basic idea.  But, this is what I did.  I chained 5, sc in the 2nd st from the hook and in each ch across.  This gives you 4 sc in the first row.  I worked each row in sc and increased one st on every 4th row.  When I got it as long as I wanted, I started to decrease every 4th row until I had 4 stitches left.  Then I worked 4 rows of 4 stitches before ending off.  Then I made tassels for the ends.  That's it.
I used the school colors of red, gray and white.  All of my yarn was Red Heart Super Saver.  I also used an I crochet hook.
The scarf on the other blog was knitted.  And it is a stash buster project.  Which is what I love.  I have some stash that I'm still using up and I used that yarn to make my scarf.


  1. I really like your vesion of the Baktus!!! It looks great in crochet too. And it looks amazing in red. I am thinking of making another one, but I still have not decided yet on the colors...

  2. thank you! i am planning on making another one too. i love your pattern! and i'm so happy to be joining in the stash buster challenge!