Wednesday, April 16, 2014

FCCLA Awards Night

Before I begin typing, let me apologize for the state of these photos.  My sister took the photos with my camera and apparently, she has no clue what she is doing.  Every photo is blurred.  I haven't got a single clear photo out of about fifty photos.  Oh well.  Maybe the school has some that they are going to share.  Anyway, enough of my belly-aching.
On April 4th, FCCLA held their Awards Night for the year.  Small T and Tyreese are FCCLA members as well as my two nephews, Awan and Garland.  A lot of awards were given out and I'm very proud that all four each received a handful of them.  Small T and Awan were officers this past year and next year, Small T is the President.  This is an organization that my daughter has loved since the 7th grade and she's hoping to continue her participation even as an adult volunteer after she graduates high school.
 Small T receiving a gift from Mrs. Warren, the FCCLA Adviser.
 Tyreese getting one of his many awards from Marissa.
 Awan getting one of his awards from Michelle.
Garland being presented his award by Michelle.

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