Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Meadville Prom

May 5th was Prom Night at Meadville High School.  My niece, Zanna, is a student there.  Small T and I bought her the pretty orange prom dress she wore, took her to get her hair and make-up done, and loaned her the sparkly jewels. Let me say this...she was BEAUTIFUL!
 And here she is...all dolled up and looking pretty.  :)
 Her and her boyfriend, Colton, posing for photos.
 And here they are...being silly.
Now, Big C, my college man, also attended the Meadville Prom.  He was the date of Miss Lillian.  Now, I wasn't able to get any good photos of them, so I'm relying on photos that Miss Lillian's family took.
 Here is Big C and Miss Lillian.  I really liked the colors of her dress...turquoise and purple.  Big C's vest and tie are also a purple that matches.  In fact, the vest and tie are a purple brocade.  It looked smashing.
And a bit of a closer shot of them.  The sun wasn't cooperating, but it's ok.  They look like they are about to have a good time, and that's the most important thing.

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