Wednesday, April 16, 2014


This past Saturday was Prom here in town.
Here are a few photos of Small T and her date, Colton.
 Looking good!
 Up close.
 This is the only photo that shows her corsage.  She designed it herself.  It's a lily and the wire of the corsage wraps around her arm like a snake.  Cool.
 I can't believe he picked her up.  He just had ACL repair surgery and has a brace on under his britches.
 Their arrival at Grand March.
 Colton is taking good care of Tianna's little gold evening bag.  lol
 A snap chat from Small T.  lol
 Rachel and Austin.
The edgiest couple there.
Remember when I took Small T and Rachel to get their prom dresses?  She looks fab!
My nephew, Awan, and his date, Sami Jo.  They looked great!

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