Thursday, April 17, 2014

Reworking It...

About a month ago, Small T gave me back the curly scarf I knitted for her and asked me to shorten it up as it was just way too long for her little frame.  I was putting it off and putting it off and finally I decided to work on it today.
 So I ripped it apart and started rolling it back up into a "ball" again.
 I used 10 stitches per "row" instead of just 6 to make it shorter.
After I finished it, Small T was "kind enough" to be my crazy model....stuck out tongue and all.  She did tell me that she'll have to wait until next winter to wear it now since I took so long to fix it.  She's a cheeky girl, right?  lol  By the way...she's wearing her new glasses that we picked up today.  She's having problems with her eyes again and as of today, she can't wear her contacts for two months so that her eyes can heal.  Oh boy.  She's not a glasses kind of girl.  I guess she'll learn though.

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