Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Salon Visit

  Big Daddy gave me a day at the salon last Wednesday.  It was a day of pampering and making myself feel good before I go in for surgery.  After all, I want my nails and hair to look fabulous, especially when I'm feeling like crud.
Mandy gave me a mani/pedi.  Let me tell you, she gives a great pedicure.  Wow!  My feet still feel great.  My toenails are painted a lovely soft shade of sparkly purple.  :)  My fingernails are nicely manicured and the nails are back to being short, which is how I like them.  No polish though.  Hospital said no.  Not even any clear sparkle, which is what I love.  Drat.
Then, Jessica started on my hair.  Small T had left instructions for her to cover my gray.  So she matched my hair color exactly and did just that.
And I had an orange cast to my hair.  I forgot that I was a redhead as a baby.  Apparently it's coming back to haunt me.  Just kidding.  My baby curl are coming back though.  At the base of my neck.  I hate them.  They won't be tamed, no matter what I do.
So, back to the orange tint, Small T called and made arrangements for me to go back and get it taken care of.  So this was me, the next day.  I'm looking good, right?  lol  I'm squinting in the sunshine outside the building.
And this is what I ended up with.  Me.  My usual.  Until the bleached out blond days of Summer.

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