Monday, March 31, 2014


I had to don my "housewife hat" again today and work on the laundry as well as picking up around the house, doing the dishes, planning dinner and such.  I also had to do a bit of mending for my niece, Z.  The sequins on her prom dress were coming undone.  So...I spent a few minutes tacking them all back down.
I posted about it on Facebook, the mending that is, and in turn I received several messages from local teenage girls asking me to do some mending for them.  Tell "mending" a lost art?


  1. I wonder if sewing is not part of the H.S. courses anymore? That is where I learned to sew.
    I know from experience if someone knows you sew, they can keep you pretty busy mending, hemming, or even sewing on a button? now how hard is sewing on a button?

    1. well, i don't know about everywhere, but in our school, clothing class is an elective. used to, in 9th grade, you would have a section of FACS class for sewing. all three of my kids made either a pillow or sleep pants. Big C is great at quilting, according to his classmates and teacher. :) by the way, around here, home ec is called facs class now. facs stands for family and consumer science. there's very little of the old skills taught. it's all about banking, budgets, families, etc..

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