Saturday, March 10, 2012

Squares and More Squares

Well, I'm still making squares.
And I'm still posting the occasional crappy photo. Sorry.
In my defense, I'm short on time this morning. Gotta get to work. :(
Anyway, I've finished up the Turqua squares and I started on the Cherry Red ones yesterday.
My current totals are:
12 Multi-Colored
6 Turqua
1 Cherry Red
0 White
I am getting a bit bored with just making squares, so I'm taking a break every now and then and working on something else. Such as the Big "M". I don't have plans to do that today though as I don't have any yarn to work on another big letter right now. So, I'll just keep slugging away on squares when I'm not busy out at the liquor store today. Tomorrow I have to work a double shift, so I'm sure I'll have plenty of time for crocheting. Typically, Sunday is a very slow day anyway.....not many sales as everyone is in church.
So....I'll catch up with everyone later on! Have a good weekend!

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