Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Big "M"

I finished the Big "M" this past Wednesday, but am just now posting about it.
I enjoyed making this letter. But I think I need to start using a smaller hook because when I stuff it, the yarn spreads apart too much and you can see the stuffing a bit.
As to the particulars...I used Red Heart worsted weight yarn in Royal and an I crochet hook.
The M measures just about 21 inches from side to side and 19 inches from top to bottom.
It's bigger than the "Z" that I made and it also used more yarn. The M used about a skein and a half where the Z took less than a skein.
Anyway, the Big "M" is a Christmas present for one of my many nephews. In fact, this nephew (and the rest of his family) will be arriving at my home sometime today, so I will have to hide this before I go to work. I don't want any sneak previews.
I still need to make the letters "T", "V" and "D" and then I will probably be done with making them. I think these are really cute and are a great idea for a gift for kids. I'm so glad I found these patterns on Ravelry. And it's so nice that people share these patterns. What would we do without these people! I'd be lost, that's for sure!

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