Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Varsity/Faculty Scrimmage

Friday, March 16th was the Varsity/Faculty Scrimmage.
This is where the High School Varsity Teams (Boys and Girls) play the Faculty and/or Past Students or Teachers. This event is always a great show and has a pretty good attendance. The Ref's were a couple of college students that are alumni. Things tend to get a bit aggressive as the games go along, but all in all, it's a fun time.

The "Old" Cheerleaders. I don't know why they were called "old". They cheered for the Faculty teams.

The cheerleaders for the Varsity teams. For some reason, the high school cheerleaders weren't there. So...they grabbed the Junior High Cheerleaders and they did a great job! Small T is in the yellow shirt on the far left. She was captain of the junior high squad.

Big C guarding Mr. Z (with the ball).

Big C directing Mr. Tainey to step up to the box where he's supposed to be.
Everyone was laughing at this. You had to be there!

Big C and Zack (in the orange shirt).

All the "guys"...both teams.

Big C taking a breather.

Big C going up for a shot.

Final Score...Faculty 47...Varsity Boys 40.

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