Saturday, March 17, 2012

Good Morning!

Good Morning!
I can't believe how beautiful it is outside.
I've been out on my porch on and off since I woke up.
The sun is shining and the temperature is just lovely out.
It's 71 degrees F.
I'm also stunned to see that my neighbor is mowing his yard. Yikes! It surely can't be time to mow the yard yet. It's only the middle of March!
Alas, today is another Nascar day for my husband, so I'm enjoying a bit of alone time with the TV right now. I'm currently watching Giada make some sweets. Before that, the Barefoot Contessa was making some marshmallows and chocolate bark. Yum...
I am having a bit of time with my yarn this morning as well.
I'm working on a big "V" for one of my nephews. I'm using the color "Pumpkin" since he's a big fan of the colors green and orange.
I'm also eyeing The Dub Blanket which is sitting on the couch next to my recliner area. I'll be working on it at some point today.
I've got the big project (the blanket) going and a smaller project (the big "V") going too as I always need an "instant gratification" project in the works or I get bored with how long the bigger project is taking. This just keeps me sane. LOL
On Monday, Big C and I will be starting to diet again. This time we're doing the Atkins Diet. We have to switch up the diet plans every now and then or it's really hard for us to stick to the whole dieting regime. Big C loves cheese and you don't get much of that on the Mayo Diet. I love carbs, so I'm really going to miss having them on the Atkins Diet. But, I'll make it work.
April 2nd, we start the Biggest Loser contest here at home. It's the 2nd year of it here in town and has nothing to do with the TV show. It's a fund raiser for the local festival that occurs in October. Plus, the winning team wins half of the profits. That would be nice!
Small T starts her scrapbooking class (for 4-H) on Monday, so she has to spend some time on the computer this weekend loading photos up to so we can get them printed off. If not, she's won't have anything to scrapbook with. Yowza!
We also need to go out and drive around this weekend (hopefully today) so she can take some photos for her Photography class. It's a pretty day and the sunlight is good, so it would be perfect. There are also several places she is wanting to go and check out for the "photo opportunities".
So...those are my plans for the day/weekend. What are yours?

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