Sunday, March 4, 2012

Black and Royal Star Blanket - Finished

I finished the Black and Royal Star Blanket Friday night.
It measures just over 60 inches from upper point to opposite lower point.
I used 4 skeins of Black Red Heart worsted weight yarn and 2 skeins of Royal Red Heart worsted weight yarn. I also used an N crochet hook.
This is one more Christmas gift that I have finished.
Woo Hoo!
At the current time, I am working on my Amanda Squares. I have 9 of them done at this point and am almost done with 1 more. I have been really busy this week/weekend, so my crocheting has taken a backseat yet again. Oh well, I will eventually get myself caught back up again.
I haven't worked on the white knitted baby blanket since my last post about it. So that's something else that is needing my attention. But, I don't work on it outside of the home much. I am too new at knitting that if I take it to work with me, I'm prone to dropping a stitch or two, and that drives me NUTS. So it's just best that I work on it while sitting safely on my couch.
That's my update on my current projects.
Hope everyone has a good Monday tomorrow! I'll be subbing at the school.
Catch ya later!