Thursday, January 16, 2014

Yesterday's Crafting

I subbed at school yesterday, in ISS (In School Suspension).  Since the kids in here are in trouble, there's nothing but "nose to the grindstone" so I have plenty of time to work on my crafts, or read, while they are studying.
 I made 10 Apple Blossoms (gray and white) from the pattern I found on Lion Brand.
 I also made 4 small pom poms.
 I had bought this pom pom maker last summer, but never used it.  It's wonderful to work with and the pom poms are super easy to make.
 Then I made this little tree from the pattern I found on Caught On A Whim.
I took that same pattern and embellished it a bit.  When the day ended, I was still tweaking this so it doesn't look the same anymore.  I will finish it today, I think, since I'm in ISS again.
By the way, all of the yarn I'm using consists of small to medium sized balls found in my stash.  :)


  1. Very cute :-) I need to get one of those pom pom makers; mine look sickly compared to yours.

    1. let me tell you, i'm not good at making pom poms either. i've made some seriously ugly ones.