Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Inspired By...

Today, I am visiting the blog, My Little Red Suitcase.

What I'm inspired by:

I love the colors of the latest cushion cover that she is making.  The colors really pop against the white background!  I also like the cushion cover with the gray or natural colored background (she calls it her biscuit cushion).  I could see that one in my home.
The way she has decorated her bedroom ceiling lamp (chandelier) is right up my alley!  I just need to find a chandelier for my room.  I need to add it to my list of "wants" for all the garage sales this summer.
She has made a "Homemade @ my place" Christmas Tree....and that's on my list to make as well!
Her crocheted Autumn Blanket is just beautiful!  I would like this in my home too!
I like that she tries out other crafts besides ones that involve yarn.  Like her, I think of myself as a crafter not an artist, but I LONG to be an artist.  I admire her for her month of watercolor painting small pieces of paper and then making a collage out of them at the end of the month.
The colors of her Easter Rug are so Spring-like and that's just the ticket for me while I'm suffering with Winter.
I thoroughly love her old sewing machine, Miss Trissie, that's been passed down through the family.  She's the 3rd generation to use it.  That's fantastic!
I've decided that I LOVE fake fur pillows and rugs.  Gotta get me one of each.  In a natural tone though.  No florescent colors. **I might have to take that back.  I just saw the red, furry rug in her teen's room...and it's making me go "WOW!".**
The small hexagon blanket she made is just adorable!  I want one so badly!  But I've never attempted a hexagon blanket before.  I'm going to have to pull up my big girl panties and give it a go this year.  No more procrastination!
The Granny Stripe Blanket on her teen's bed is wonderful!

Her blog is full of photography...beautiful flowers, lovely countryside, handmade projects either made by her or thrifted, and much, much more.  Take a few moments and stop by for a visit.

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