Sunday, January 12, 2014

Visiting... ( & Inspired By )

Today, I'm visiting the blog, Coco Rose Diaries. .

I'm loving the cottage-style feel that I'm experiencing while reading her posts.  The beautiful pastel colors and the coziness that you see in her photos makes me long for this in my home too.  She shares her lovely crochet and knit projects that she makes and inspires me to think outside of my normal color routine and add a bit of softness and comfort to my life.

Stop by and visit her blog for a bit.  You'll be pleased that you did.  :)  The "eye candy" is fantastic!

**Edited to add:
In between working on the mountain of dirty laundry, washing the dishes, and baking homemade bread, I managed to work my way through the entire blog last night and today.  Now, I'm ready to reveal what items inspired me from this wonderful blog.

The Hot Water Bottle Cover Tutorial
The color of her "All Boys" blanket (for picnics)
The Circus Patchwork Crochet blanket (it's a hexagon one...and I'm dying to make one now)
The colors of the Evening Sun Blanket (scrumptious)
and her Amineko Cats she made (I love them)

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