Saturday, January 11, 2014

Inspired By...

I spent some time Thursday evening and periodically on Friday, visiting the blog, Homemade At My Place .  This blog mainly features a lot of crochet, various other crafts, and beautiful photography of part of the world I'll probably never get to visit.  I enjoy her unique sense of color and creative flair.

I'm inspired by her:

Make It!  Christmas Tree Decorations! pattern
Granny Letters
Crochet Triangles pattern
The "Starry Sky" Shawl she made (it's lovely)
The Big Tree
Make It!  Stars and Baubles
Pom Pom Xmas Trees (I LOVE THESE)
Mini Net Bags
Make It!  Sun Motif
Her "Colorful Panel" wall hanging
The Christmas Decorations around Singapore
The Knitted Party Favors (SO CUTE)
Her "My Owl:  Mr. Rainbowl"

I like it that she uses a variety of craft mediums to make the items she dreams up.  She has a beautiful imagination!  If you would like to visit a whole new world of creativity and photography, please stop by her blog for a visit.  You won't be disappointed!

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