Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Inspired By...

It's taken me several days of limited computer time to visit the latest blog on my list, Mrs. Thomasina Tittlemouse.  http://mrsthomasinatittlemouse.blogspot.com/

This blog features a lot of recipes (especially for breads and jams) and some beautiful crochet work.  The photos are total eye candy!

What inspired me during my visit:

Her spiced apple juice recipe
the twigs in a jug decorated with fairy lights and clear glass ornaments (just beautiful!)
the Jam Jars Crocheted Covers (lids) - there's a link to a couple of patterns
the Crocheted Christmas Wall Hanging (lovely)
the flower-shaped pot holder pattern (complete with link)
the twigs decorated with cherry blossoms (I would love to have this in my home)
the heart shaped pom poms (wish i had one of these pom pom makers)
the colors of the "Summer Has Come From The Sunny Land" blanket

This blog is really worth visiting and you'll get a glimpse of life in the UK.  So stop on by and see what she's got to offer.

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