Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Pink Camo Knitted Baby Blanket - Stash Busting for Stashaholics

It took me several months, but I've finally finished knitting the Pink Camo Knitted Baby Blanket.
 I must admit that I really like this blanket.  I've made it several times before in different variations of the camo yarn, but the pink is one of my favorites.
I'm sorry for the quality of the photos, but honestly...I have no photography skills.  I will work on those in the future, I swear.  Did you see my fingers crossed when I typed that?  lol
The yarn I used for this came out of my yarn stash, so that makes it a Stash Busting For Stashaholics 2014 project (even though I started it during last year's challenge).  The yarn was "I Love This Yarn" in Pink Camo.  I used 2 1/2 skeins of it.  The border is done with the same brand of yarn but in the color White.  I crocheted the border, using a size I crochet hook.  I can't tell you the size of my knitting needles as I just plain don't know.  I think they were a size 10.  I'm too lazy to get up and measure them, sorry.
So...that's the 2nd of my 4 WIP's that I have finished now.  I'm "so excited" as the Pointer Sisters would sing!