Friday, May 16, 2014


My radishes are really starting to sprout up.  Today is the 8th day since planting.  :)  Cool!


  1. my radishes are coming up too ! I love growing things from seed, it is magical

  2. Hi Shelley i hope you are feeling much better and soon recovered from your surgery. Many thanks for your kind comment on my blog : ) thanks again for your hat pattern it really got me started on my donkey hat (as I had to tweek the pattern, due to DD having such a large head and tiny ears....((she'll have a fit if she reads this!)) I thought it only fair I posted who had inspired me x
    Wow at your radishes, they look like a bumper crop. Take care

    1. Hi Sally! I'm finally starting to get some of my "mojo" back this week.
      My teen daughter is usually a good sport about stuff but she's also very defensive if I make any comments about her "body, hair, face, clothes, makeup, etc.". So I just go on with my business and listen to her rant. lol I totally understand how it is with daughters. :)
      Have a great day!