Friday, May 9, 2014

Buttercup Baby Blanket

Before I start this post about a baby blanket, I need to explain a few things first so you'll understand my story.  I have a daughter named Small T, as you all know.  Well, Small T has 2 cousins born before her, within a 6 month period of time.  They are Z and Awan.  Z is a girl and is the oldest.  Then it's Awan, a boy.  And then Small T.  Well, Z and Small T grew up together when they were younger.  They were like sisters.  For that matter, they still all.  They just don't see each other a lot.  But they text each other every day.  They are completely different than each other but in the same sense, they are two peas in a pod.  Anyway, Z is pregnant.  And Small T is thrilled.  She plans on being the baby's Aunt, even though she's not.  Another thing about Small T is that she's usually crabby.  Part of it is because she's a teenaged girl and the other part is that she's tired.  She's experiencing another bout of Mono and with all her other health concerns, she just can't get enough sleep.  So we are all walking on egg shells around her until we figure out if she's in a crabby mood or not.  lol  Now that I've told the information that you need to know, I can tell the story of the Buttercup Baby Blanket.
Z isn't a real "girlie girl" so she wants something non frilly or fancy and that will work for both a boy or girl baby.  So I chose some lovely yarns that I thought would be "unisexual".  She also wanted something that she could swaddle her baby in.  So I chose to use the Beth's Little Star Afghan pattern (found here) and some I Love This Yarn (worsted weight) in the color Buttercup for the second baby blanket I made for Z's baby.
Then I asked Small T to hold up the blanket so I could get a photo of it.  And here's what I got.  Apparently, Small T was actually in a good mood.
 photo 1 (above)
 photo 2 (above)
 photo 3 (above)
and photo 4 (above).
I didn't dare ask for a better photo.  All of her good mood would vanish in the space of a second.  So...this is the debut of the Buttercup Baby Blanket.  I hope you can get a good idea of what it looks like from the above photos.  lol

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