Friday, May 9, 2014


On Saturday, May 3rd, my extended family (brother and sisters and their families) got together at the city park here in town to celebrate my brother and sister-in-law's 40th wedding anniversary.  This would seem like a small affair, but when you have one brother and five sisters, it's quite the get together.  We decided to have a small BBQ...hamburgers and hot dogs with fruit and chips on the side.  It worked out fabulously!  Quick and easy to plan and also to clean up.  Since I am recovering from surgery, I didn't stay the whole time, but I did stay a few hours.  I had a blast!  And I took some photos to share with everyone too.  I hope you enjoy them.
 Small T on the swings with my sister Lea's three youngest kids...D-Ray, Mickey and Dub.
 My sister Lea taught Muffin Man and Blue Boy how to blow the fuzz off dandelion weeds.  They were fascinated!  Really.  There was a lot of laughter involved.
 This photo has a story.  Muffin Man wanted to go down the slide.  Ok, no problem.  And then he sees a spider on the slide.  Aunt Lea and Aunt Dea both had sticks trying to slide the spider down the slide.  OMG....really??? I had to help out with the spider removal in the end.  I couldn't believe it!  I sent this photo to every family member I had in my phone, with the title "How many aunts does it take to kill a spider?".  lol
 Muffin Man was giving the turtle a heck of a work out.  Seriously.  He was rocking so hard at one point that he had one foot stuck up all the way in the air.  lol
 Aunt Dea showed the boys how to go down the slide.  It was funny ... she had to cross her legs to get her butt to fit inside the slide.  Good thing I didn't try to go down it.  I would have got stuck!!!
 My wild sister, Aunt Dea, spent some time with Muffin Man on the swings.  Not a good thing!!!!!  He's got plenty of wildness all by himself and didn't need any tips from Aunt Dea.  Muffin Man learned how to swing without having any help too!  He's a big boy now he said, with big strong muscles.  lol
 This is another photo of "trouble".  Yep, Big C sitting next to Blue Boy at lunch.  Two Troubles with capital T's.  They look so innocent in this photo though.
 My favorite guys.....Blue Boy (on the left) and Muffin Man (on the right).  I sat across from them at lunch.  :)  Lucky me!!!!
 The current set of teen boys off playing a game of 2 on 2 basketball....Mickey, Dub, Tyreese and Garland.
My family had overnight guests for the weekend.  My sister Lea and her family stayed over.  We seldom get to see them as they live on the opposite end of the state, so it was a quick, but good, visit.  They took Mom back with them when they left.  (Mom currently lives with Lea.)  I was sad to see them all leave!!!  It was a lovely weekend with the family!

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