Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Boy, I'm Hot!

As you all know, I had surgery almost 5 weeks ago.  It really threw my body for a loop.  I have napped almost every single day since the surgery and I'm still tired all the time.  Well, this weekend, I have to take my lifeguard recertification class.  I'm more than a little bit worried about this because I've lost my stamina.  So in the hopes of getting back my "mojo", Small T is going on walks with me.  It's hot and humid out today but I still went with her anyway.
We walked about 3/4 of the length of our main street and then turned back towards home.  By the time we hit a block from home, I was definitely "winded".  I was one "hot momma" once we got inside the house and it took me a little bit to finally cool off, but I'm glad she's walking with me.  Not only will it be better this weekend with all the laps I have to swim, but it will also help me get my strength back over the summer.  Thanks Small T, for all your help and encouragement!

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