Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Newborn Wrap Diaper Shirt

I'm sure you all have saw me post about my niece Z, who's expecting in November.  Z has been inquiring about baby things ( a lot ) and is also worried about keeping her baby warm since it will be Winter then.  After digging through my pile of patterns, I came upon the Newborn Wrap Diaper Shirt.  You can find the pattern by clicking here.  After a lot of thinking (and chatting), it was decided that the baby would need a vest to keep warm.  It will be worn over a long sleeved onesie.  (I think in the UK they call them Pneumonia Prevention Vests.)  This Wrap Diaper Shirt pattern is exactly what we are wanting for the new baby.  So I whipped out some of the yarn I bought and made one in the Seablue Tweed.  I made it while watching TV last night, and it's a really quick and easy project.  
These will be rolling off my crochet hook a lot in the coming months.  I think it's exactly what the new baby will need and Z and her mom both think these are a good idea for keeping the baby warm.

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