Saturday, January 4, 2014

WIP - Scrap Baby Blanket

Last night, I added the last of the squares.  I would like to add at least one more row of squares, but unfortunately, I ran out of the variegated yarn.  Since this is a scrap blanket made with yarn from my stash, I am refusing to buy another skein of this yarn.  Normally, I would just buy the yarn, but not this time.  (Maybe if I keep telling myself this, it will actually happen.  lol)  This blanket will just have to be a square type of blanket instead of a rectangle one.  So...the next step with this is to weave in all the ends.  There are plenty of ends hanging about, so this will take me awhile.  After the ends are done, then I'll be able to start on the border of the blanket.  In my opinion, that's the fun part.  :)

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