Saturday, January 25, 2014


Today, I am going to be on the road with Small T.  Since she's so small, she was asked to model a prom dress in a runway show and they are having practice tonight.  They have fittings, hair and makeup, and then the actual run through of the runway show, so I will have a bit of waiting to do.  Especially at the fitting part.  The smallest dress they had was a size 6 and Small T is a 2.  Anyway, I have some projects to take with me.
 The Crocheted Baby Sweater that I'm working on.
And an Angel Wings Pinafore that I started last night.
So...bring on the "waiting" so I can get some yarn time!!!


  1. I hope your waiting time was productive :-)

    1. it wasn't. we didn't end up making it there. truck trouble. at least we made it back home and didn't need a tow. :) i prayed and prayed and prayed.