Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Today, I would like to talk a little bit about this blog...Mias Landliv.

If I could pick a house to live in, I would pick hers.  I absolutely adore her home.  I love her decorating scheme so much and it's one huge point of inspiration to me.  I'm a shabby chic girl at heart, living in a home with a very masculine decorating scheme with antlers on the walls and wood paneling everywhere.  I think what draws me to her home so much is she does "shabby chic" in a clean, simple style.  It's just beautiful and it calls to me every time I visit her blog.  In particular, I love her throw that is worked in shades of gray and naturals and is both knitted and crocheted.  It's just lovely.  I also long for her cushions.  Especially the cabled knit cushions in gray, soft pink and a creamy white color.  So feminine but so usable.  And last, but not least, I'm awed that she uses quilts and crocheted coverlets as tablecloths.  I wouldn't dare do that here in my home of messy people, but I LONG to do so.  In summary, if you would like to visit a lovely little Norwegian home that's just beautiful to look at, please visit her blog.  She quilts, crochets and knits as well as shares a few recipes as well as beautiful photos of her home and garden.  She's truly inspiring.

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