Saturday, January 25, 2014


We didn't make it to Small T's appointment in Sedalia this afternoon.  The truck broke down.  *sigh*  But at least we were able to make it back home without having to tow it there.  After dinner, which Big Daddy cooked, I did manage to work on the two crochet projects I have going on.
 The crochet part of the Crocheted Baby Sweater is finished.  I used Simply Soft yarn in White and in Grey Heather from my stash.  I need to sew the button on now and I'm thinking of adding a few Apple Blossom flowers to the sweater as embellishment.  I think they would be cute.
I also finished the crochet part of the Angel Wings Pinafore.  I used two colors of Bernat Baby Coordinates yarn in Iced Mint and Natural.  These were also in my yarn stash.  I still need to add the buttons to the back and I'm thinking of embellishing the yoke with something, but I'm not quite sure what.  I'll have to think on this.  These two colors really aren't my favorite, but Big Daddy assures me that they look ok.  I'm not sure about that either.  lol  Honestly, I'm not sure of much of anything today, so "no problem", right?
Here are the links to the crocheted projects:
These are the only things I've worked on today.  I'm taking a small break from the knitted toddler blanket and I'm thinking of reworking the squares for the crochet mood blanket I'm working on.
I've read a tiny little bit today on "The Game of Thrones" book I'm reading.  I've read this book before, but didn't finish the series, so I'm re-reading this before I pick up the 2nd book.  This is a pretty thick book with lots of little typing, so this one will take me awhile.


  1. They both came out very nice :-)

    1. thank you. i still have to sew the buttons on and embellish them, which is a big procrastination on my part each and every time. and i don't know why since it takes such a little amount of time to do it.