Saturday, February 11, 2012

Update - WIPs

Life has been so, so, so, so very hectic around here this past week.
With that being said, I am still ASTOUNDED to find that I didn't complete a single project this past week. That never happens.
Well...until now.
So all I have for you this week is an update on my WIPs.

This is the white knitted baby blanket on my circular needles.
It used to be twice as wide.
But, I came home one day this week and found the blanket completely unraveled and in a pile on the couch. Apparently, no one knows what happened. Hmmm....
So...I spent 3 days working the loose yarn back into the blanket.
And somewhere along the line, I missed a stitch because there's a small "hole".
After much thought, I have decided NOT to undo the blanket back to the hole to fix it.
Instead, I will crochet a small heart to cover it.
Sounds like a plan, right?
As to the particulars, I am using Lion Brand Pound of Love yarn in White.
The circular knitting needle is US size 9.
The current measurement of the blanket is 7 inches.

This is my other knitting project.
Medium J's girlfriend, Miss M, brought me home a free flyer for a Soft 'N Simple Baby Blanket using Caron's Simply Soft yarn.
Here's the link to the free pattern
As usual, I have to be a bit different, so I'm using three colors of yarn held together throughout.
I'm also using a smaller set of needles than called for.
It says to use size 15 (10 mm) but the biggest ones I had were size 13 (9 mm), so that's what I'm using.
The yarn colors are: Black, Autumn Red and Off White.
I'm using these colors simply because I had them on hand. Plus, I'm hoping to make this for a play mat (for the baby to play on). So, the colors will be a better choice for being on the floor all the time.
The blanket currently measures 11 inches.

Now, let's hear it for the scarf I'm knooking! Woo Hoo! LOL
I've neglected it a bit lately. Can you see me hanging my head in shame?
No? Well, I am. Or I did. For just a moment.
The scarf is now measuring in at just over 20 inches!

This is my newest project.
I was going stir-crazy with not having something crocheted in the works. So I started this last night while watching TV.
The pattern is called the "Alphabet Pillow Blocks, Letter "Z", by Kimberly Lewis - A Woven and Spun Creation".
When I finish this, it will be a Christmas present for my niece, Z.
As to the particulars, I'm using Red Heart worsted weight yarn in Baby Pink and an I crochet hook. This is the first piece of the pillow and I'm getting close to finishing it up. Then I will have to make the other piece so I can sew it and stuff it.
So...these are my current projects that I have going.
It feels kind of weird having 4 things going right now, but honestly, it's nice to be able to put one down and pick up another when I get tired of doing something.
So...what's everyone else working on these days?


  1. Shelly, for the hole, just knit round until you come to the place above the dropped/missed stitch and then use a crochet hook to weave the cross thread under and over each row until you get to the needle. I will see if I can find a video to show you how. It is easy once you try it.


    This may not be the best video but it does show you pretty well how to do this.

  3. thanks jen! i'll give this a try. i appreciate the help!