Saturday, February 4, 2012

Squares, Squares, and More Squares...

See this pile of squares?
It's giving me nightmares!
I finished up the last one yesterday evening.
You'd think that would have made me happy!
Well, it did.
Until I went to put them in a sequence for sewing them together!
No matter how I tried, I couldn't figure it out.
(The placement of the squares.)
Several hours later, I finally gave up.
Then, since it was still bugging me...I got out paper and a pencil and tried to diagram it out.
It still doesn't work.
So...I'm making 8 more squares now.
4 each of 2 colors.
I figured out a placement using them.
Once they are done, I'll lie them all back out and hopefully it will look ok.
If not, I swear I'm going to sew them together anyway.
My frustration level has reached my eyeballs! :)

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