Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Current Projects (Crochet, Knooking and Knitting)

Good Morning!
(I wanted so bad to be able to type that out in the manner of Robin Williams when he says "Good Morning Viet Nam, but alas...I don't know how. :( Oh well.)
It's another beautiful day here in town.
36 degrees on the way to school this morning.
The sun is shining.
Just a perfect way to start the month of February.
I've been spending some quiet time this morning with my crafting.
Now I'm taking a quick break to work on the computer a bit while I have a frozen pepperoni pizza in the oven for an early lunch. Sounds good, doesn't it? They were on sale for $1.50 last week, so I'm indulging my love of pizza today.
So...on to my crafting updates.

I've been at a loss this week with what I wanted to do for my next crochet project.
I searched through all of my patterns and finally settled on this one.
The Bouncy Ball Baby Blanket.
However, I'm not planning to make a baby blanket with it.
I'm making it much bigger.
Instead of doing 24 or 25 squares, I'm doing 56.
That will be 7 squares by 8 squares.
I also found that I had to add an extra row of dc in the border in order for my squares to turn out the 7 inches as stated in the pattern.
But, I really like the added row of contrast color.
This pattern is working up very quickly as well.
I started the squares last night while watching TV and ended up getting all 56 circles or centers of the squares done.

This is my current progress on the blanket.
I'm on the 3rd square as I write.
I'm using Red Heart worsted weight yarn and a J hook.
The yarn colors are: Windsor Blue, Light Raspberry (this is a guess...I can't read the wrapper), Country Blue, Light Sage, Medium Purple, Burgundy, Warm Brown, Cornmeal and Coffee.
The border is Red Heart yarn as well, in Soft White.

The scarf I'm knooking is coming along.
I worked 5 rows on it this morning before I allowed myself to start crocheting on the squares.
The scarf is currently 8 1/2 inches long.

The knitted blanket is coming along as well.
I have 1 1/2 inches done on it so far.
Sounds pitiful, doesn't it?
But I have to admit that the circular needles make working on it a lot easier.
I worked 4 rows on it this morning after knooking on the scarf.
I've found that I like having a project or two other than a crochet project in the works. Whenever I get tired of crocheting, I can pick up one of the other projects and work on it a bit and by the time I'm tired of it, I'm ready to go back to crocheting.
So...that's my crafting update so far today.
Have a good day everyone!

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