Friday, February 24, 2012

2 WIP's Finished

I finished up two of my WIP's today.

The first thing I finished was the purple scarf I was knooking.
I did that at work and then added the fringe when I got home.

The second thing I finished was the Soft and Simple Baby Blanket.
It is the very first project I have ever completed that is knitted.
I am so proud of myself. :)
Yay me! LOL
Anyway, the blanket really isn't as long as it should be, but then it's not as wide either.
I was using a different size needle than I was supposed to be using.
But it's plenty big enough for a play mat or a bassinet cover or just a covering in the crib.
With it being so thick it will be good and warm for the new baby that's coming in March.
(Another great nephew...Blue Boy)
So...those are my accomplishments for today.
I'm rather proud of myself as it feels good to finally get at least one of these WIP's finished.