Friday, December 16, 2011

Crocheting and Knitting

I've been under the weather for the past two weeks. My crocheting really took a hit too.

In the past week, I managed to whip out three stockings. From the left, there's the cherry red and white one (for my mom); the burgundy and aran one (for Big Daddy); and the purple/multi-colored one for me. Big Daddy also loves purple, but he detests this stocking. *sigh* It wasn't for him anyway. lol

On Wed., the 14th, my level of boredom was pretty high and I decided to try my hand at knitting again. So...I started a scarf. I cast on 30 stitches and was knitting one row, purling the next when low and behold...look what I saw...a hole. *sigh* I missed a stitch. So...I ripped it out and started over. I had about 5 inches of the scarf knitted and I found another hole. So, I ripped it out again. I have yet to cast the yarn back on the needles again. I am giving up on the gray scarf at this time. However, I have cast on another color of yarn and am diligently working away on it. It's rough going because I'm making myself pay attention so I don't mess up again. I will post a photo soon of my progress.

While working with the gray yarn on the needles, I learned a valuable lesson. See this's the side where I do the knit stitch.

See this's the side where I do the purl stitch.
I finally figured it out! It took me long enough! *sigh* I'm doing a lot of sighing these days, aren't I? But I really needed to learn this lesson.


  1. Shelly no need to pull it all out when you find a hole. You can knit or purl to the hole and then bring up the yarn with a crochet hook. You will soon see whether to bring it under or over the back and forth yarn. Hard to explain without a picture but you might be able to find one on youtube or google. How this helps.

  2. being rather new to knitting too, i can tell ya that i did lots of frogging and redo'ing on certain projects. i noticed that the more i tried to get it right, the more likely i was to mess up. so i'd do something else for awhile, and try again, perhaps using the same yarn/needles, perhaps trying different yarn/needles. even tho the yarn/needle choice isn't to blame for user oohpses, the thing is, sometimes i relax and have more fun with a change in fiber/tools. for some reason, i'm having a helluva time with the cherry red {for the special olympic scarves}, the color just jars me a bit...which is weird, cuz usually i'm fine with red. but visually, the red and me are not jibing; but that's one of the official colors for the scarf project. that's one of the main reasons i've not gotten many scarves done for them. but wait!! i've gotten 45 hats, scarves, hoods, and hooded scarves done for the orphanage next town over...yea!!!! just no red ones, egads. grins, debra