Thursday, December 29, 2011

Artist's Crochet Satchel

Good morning! Today is my last day of "vacation" as I am working a temp job the next three days. I stayed up a bit later last night so I could finish up a couple of quick crochet projects.
The first thing I finished was the Artist's Crochet Satchel. The free pattern can be found here . I really like this pattern and the finished product looks so cute!
Now, I have to admit that I did something different though. I didn't block the finished body of the satchel. I probably should have as it was "wonky" when I laid it out. But, I like the uneven edge of the satchel, so I left it that way. It has a bit of character, just like me.
If there was anything I'd do different, I would add a longer strap. That way I could put it over my shoulder and neck and carry it like a messenger bag. Otherwise, I love it!

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