Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A Couple of Monsters...

Well, one of my nephews that I will be spending Christmas with has been trying and trying to get me to make him a set of Nick and Maggie owls and I just can't do that because those owls will be a gift for another person in that household. So...I needed to come up with something else for him and his brother. Since I'm still sick and have been spending quite a bit of time in and out of my bed today, I had plenty of time to think on this subject. This is what I came up with. I just winged it and have no pattern to share simply because I didn't write it down. Sorry!

I'm calling this one my "witch doctor". I'm waiting for a name to come to me so I can make him an ID tag. Any suggetions?
BTW, I love the eye ball hanging down. LOL

I don't have a name for this one yet either. Suggestions would be appreciated.
I just finished him up about 15 minutes ago.
Both of these guys were made using yarn out of my scrap bag. All of it, Red Heart.
I had been debating about what to put around his neck and Big Daddy said "a bow tie". So, that's what he's wearing. He looks kind of witch doctor-ish too, in my opinion. Just a bit more dressed he's got a date.
So...tomorrow I will find a couple of boxes and make a couple of ID tags for them and get them ready to be wrapped up. I hope the boys like them. Their mom does! Isn't it nice to have cell phones that send photos? They live quite a fair distance from me and I have the ability to show them to my sister long before she would normally see them. That's so cool!
Anyway, my sister also looks at my blog occasionally and she asked me to post the photos here so she can get a better look at them. I hope you like them even better in the bigger photos Momma Lea! See you soon! Love ya!

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