Saturday, August 2, 2014

Seed Stitch Infinity Scarf

 Over the course of the past month or so, I decided to teach myself a new knitting "pattern" called the seed stitch.  I looked around on the internet and found a pattern that I really liked.  It is the Seed Stitch Infinity Scarf and you can find it here.  I used one skein of Red Heart With Love in the color Coffee and a pair of size 11 knitting needles.
 I'm used to doing only the knit stitch, so it took me a bit to get the k1, p1 stitch pattern going.  But once I did, it because addictive.
I worked on it whenever I had the chance.  Especially when I had some time in the recliner after getting home from the pool.  Then, I realized...I'm getting closer and closer to being done and finally had the required 62 inches of knitted scarf finished.  I sewed the two ends together and then posed for a couple of quick photos before heading to the pool.
I have to say....I just LOVE this scarf!!!  I made it for Small T, but I will definitely be making myself one as well.  It turned out really light weight and super soft and squishy, even with it doubled up around my neck.  Heck, other than my funky tan that I have going on, this is even a fairly decent photo of me this Summer too.  :)

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